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Eaglesworth Academy, Ch. 2
    “The second rule of demonology: one cannot master what one still fears.”
        Greg was flat on his bed, staring at the ceiling. It was all going to be over, soon. It wouldn’t be all that much longer, and people were going to start waking up. They were going to see that the entire school had been turned upside down, and what would happen next he couldn’t even imagine. Would it be immediate violence, panic turning to bloody rage? Or would there be a witch hunt first, trying to find someone to pin it all on? When they found him—and he did not doubt that it would happen—would it be over quickly? How long would he suffer before the blackness swelled up and carried him away for the final time? Who would break first, and admit their guilt to the world? As much as Kevin heaped the blame on Carl—and Carl had fucked up, it had to be said—Greg knew that it was ultimately his fault.
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Eaglesworth Academy, Chapter 1
“The first rule of demonology is this: always be smarter than that which you summon”
                Yochlal stirred in his slumber. He’d had a busy decade down on the pits, and had been looking forward to a well-deserved nap—passing judgment on the souls of the departed wasn’t exactly physically taxing work, but it took a lot out you mentally, especially when the damn feather had to keep being recalibrated. He felt a slight tug at the very essence of his being—somebody in the mortal realm was trying to summon him, and doing a poor job of it, too. He burrowed himself further into the pillows, hoping that maybe the conjurer would give up on the whole thing, but the tug kept going, faint but insistent. Groaning, he swung his taloned feet off the bed. Who summoned a demon in the middle of November, really? Couldn’t they have gotten this over with on Halloween? Whatever.
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Japocalypse Now!
“This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a ‘Kyaaaaaaaaa!’”
David leaned in his chair and peered carefully out his window, pulling the shade aside the slightest possible fraction. Dawn was just starting to insinuate its way into the sky. Not too much longer and the streets would be bustling with the activity of the morning commute. But for now, it was quiet. Safe. Sighing, he turned back to his computer—it was a small mercy that the end of the world had left the internet intact.
    1.       AnonyMouse
Remind me why I’m doing this again?
    2.       MapAnon
Because without more information, we’re just all going to get slowly picked off, and that’ll be that?
    3.       AnonyMouse
I meant this mission more sp
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